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Music Production and Mastering
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Don't let a robot master your album. Get a professional engineer that will help your project reach its fullest potential. Click for more info on mastering services and rates.  


Comprehensive background in a wide variety of musical genres and audio post production including dialogue, audio for video, audio restoration and more.


Small sessions and overdubs can be recorded here at the project studio in Petaluma. Larger sessions can be tracked on location or at a partnered commercial facility in the North Bay Area. 


Operated by audio engineer Jake Stillman, Stillman Sound specializes in music production, recording, mixing, and mastering. Services also include a wide range of audio production services such as, remote recording, system design, consultation ,and more. Projects can be completed both in-house and through collaboration with facilities and media professionals in the North Bay Area.

I try to help artists create content that represents their highest potential and will stand out in an over-saturated media marketplace. Music is ultimately about emotional impact and powerful content is the foundation of success for any project. Thats why I strive to make a project sound amazing, be emotionally impactful, and also empower the artist to succeed.

-Jake Stillman


Examples of music videos from songs recorded, produced, mixed, and/or mastered by Jake Stillman.

Jose Victoria - Mi Barrio (Video Oficial)

Jose Victoria - Mi Barrio (Video Oficial)

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